Curriculum Curriculum of School

The Curriculum is designed to provide maximum scholastic benefit to each individual student. The Curriculum ensures effective as well as cognitive education so that the values and skills for living in a community are emphasized both in content and in the methods of instruction. The Curriculum is also flexible enough to provide for exploration of a new curricular design. Such exploration will be encouraged to the extent that it fits in with the school,s values and objectives. The methods of style of teaching shall seek to incorporate the best pedagogical methods, striving to excite and enthuse each student with the love of learning as a life-time challenge. The present Curriculum includes Maths, English, Hindi, Social Science, Science. Also Music, Computer Science, Art & Craft and G. K. as additional subjects.

Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities

The Life of this school community is enriched by a variety of co-curricular activities. In this program the students are able to discover their own talents, appreciate and articulate them to identify themselves in the crowded world. Creative writing, Project work, Fine arts, Music and Dance are some of the activities conducted regularly to help the students to identify their talents.

Coaching Classes:

The school has plans to organize coaching classes for the students of slow learners. These coaching classes will commence soon after the regular classes in the evening and the concerned parents will be informed through circulars regarding enrolment to these classes. Their wards attendance to these coaching classes is compulsory. Parents are requested to ensure that these coaching classes regularly.

Tests and Reports:

The school will conduct weekly and monthly tests for all the classes. Scholastic and non-scholastic achievements are assessed periodically in standards 1 to 5. Progress Reports are sent to parents every month. These should be countersigned and returned within three days. Parents may discuss the progress of their children with the Principal/Class Teacher after each test on the scheduled dates.


A Pupil is promoted to the next higher class on the basis of his/her performance during the whole year. Hence regularity in attendance and studies is imperative. A pupil whose who is detained twice conduct is not up to the school standard will be asked to leave the school. Further, a pupil in the same class will not be allowed to continue his/her studies in the school.

Physical Education:

is another main component of our curriculum. Indoor and outdoor games are conducted periodically and these will be taken into account during the final assessment of child. A Physical fitness test is also conducted by our school doctor twice a year.

House System:

The total strength of the School is divided into four different groups to encourage the children to have a sense of identity and to help them to develop the finer points of loyalty. Co-operation and a team spirit. Higher standards are also maintained by stimulating a healthy competition between the rival houses. Every pupil is expected to pay his/her part influences in the development of this types of to the full. Close co-operation between home and the school has been one of the dynamic education. The houses are named after differently.

Medical Examination:

A Medical examination is conducted for the children by a team of highly qualified doctors once in a year. All pupils will have to undergo medical examination and medical reports are sent to the parents for follow-up action. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in having effective follow-up treatment.


Pupils are expected to prepare class magazines with the help of the Class Teacher and the respective English teacher. These magazines will be released on Children’s Day. Besides class magazine, the school will also bring out an Annual souvenir which shall be magazine in the form of essays, released on the School day. Pupils are expected to contribute articles to the school short stores, drawing, poems anecdotes, riddles, puzzles and the like.


In order that the parents may have upto date information about their wards and the important events and activities of the school including daily attendance, class time-table, messaging facility etc., names of Class & Subject teachers, schedules and the result of the tests and examinations, the additional facility of a website is provided by the school at a nominal fee paid once in a year along with the term fee.


Some of the Competitions held in our school are as follow: Recitation, Painting and Drawing, Story-telling, Mono acting, Miming, Mimicry, Dance, Carnatic Music, Quiz, Speech and Essay Writing.

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