EMBLEMWhat Motivate to open a residential school

After the Independence the Government of India realized that the development of the nation solely depends on Education. In this direction it formulated many commissions, policies and five year plans, no doubt there is quantitative expansion in educational institutions but there is drastic decline in quality. Having the background and rich experience in education and looking into the present day thrust and degrading quality of education Dr. (Mrs.) Francina P. Dhiman and Mr. Praveen Dhiman formulated the Society viz. Blooms’ Education Society with an intention to provide quality education. In this direction Blooms’ Education Society was registered under Society’s Registration Act XXI, 1860 on 16th April 2002 bearing No. 13/02. The Society holds its own land more than 20 Bighas in the name of the Blooms’ Education Society.

ST. Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier was born on April 7th, 1506 in Spanish Kingdom. He became one of the first members of the society of Jesus. He was educated in Paris and became a lecturer in Philosphy. Francis was sent as a missionary to India. He arrived in Goa in May 1542.Even though he was a university scholar, he brought with him nothing but his consuming love for God and for the souls of his fellowmen. He deliberately chose to live in complete poverty. He refused to accept any of the material conveniences offered to him. Many miracles have been attributed to St. Francis. He was beautified by Pope Paul IV in 1619 and canonized by Pop Gregory XV March 12,1622. His body is still preserved in a church in Goa.THE SCHOOL.


St. Xavier’s residential school is situated in the foothills of Kamru Nag at Sundernagar-Baggi road at Kot, Chunahan. Snowy peaks and scenic beauty of majestic Dhauladhar range of mountains surround the school. The famous Beas Satluj Link Canal soothes the environment. The school is well linked with the nearest town Sundernagar. It has its own fleet of buses for the convenience of both staff and students. Spread in the area of lush 20 bighas of land, it has all the basic amenities and with all the latest facilities. The institute is affiliation from C.B.S.E. and also applied for ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

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