MR. Praveen Kumar DhimanManaging Director

After the Independence the Government of India realized that the development of the nation solely depends on Education. In this direction it formulated many commissions, policies and five year plans, no doubt there is quantitative expansion in educational institutions but there is drastic decline in quality. Having the background and rich experience in education and looking into the present day thrust and degrading quality of education Mr. Praveen Dhiman formulated the Society viz.

St. Xavier's Residential School motto-'Learn, Love & Labour',stands for excellence & firmly believes in not only empowering students with academic success but also endeavors for the all-round development of a pupil.Our belief a child can reach the pinnacle of success if his talent is tapped properly right from his formative years.Particular care is taken to recognize and develop each student's special talent and areas of creativity through the conduct of a myriad of class-wise & inter-house competitions at regular intervals , so as to build up a positive self-image. Due emphasis is laid on the spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural & physical development of a child.

The importance of education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes an individual in his formative years & imbues him with values that would govern all his choices in life.It is rightly said-"if you are planning for a year, sow rice, if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; & if you are planning for a lifetime educate people."Persistent & arduous efforts of the experienced faculty has brought the school to its present stature, and continue to strive incessantly to raise the standards in all spheres to the Zenith.